Extending IATIΒΆ

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The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standard provides a common data format, used by 100s of organizations, to describe activities, their funding and their goals and outcomes.

Although originally developed for aid transparency, the IATI standard can be used to represent a wide range of funding flows, including grants, loans and investments.

The Open Ag Funding framework extends the IATI standard by:

  • Identifying 20 key elements that must or should be included to give a clear picture of funding for agricultural development and food security;
  • Setting out the vocabularies to use for classifying activities;
  • Providing guidance on how to prepare information on partners, locations and results information for each activity.

If you already use IATI then adopting the Open Ag Funding framework will involve checking your data quality, and adding or enhancing information for agriculture-related activities.

If you are new to IATI then you can choose to publish full IATI data, or you can use our simplified spreadsheet template to prepare your Open Ag Funding data. Get in touch with iatisupport@opendataservices.coop to request a copy.